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Good experience is better than bad experience. I like to create concepts which ensure excellent experience – with influential design, inspiring content and engaging customer relationship management.

For active lifestyle, quality hospitality, responsible retail and effective work. 


Writing is thinking and one picture tells more than thousand words. Clichés but good things to keep in mind.

Words and pictures provide people essential information, inspiring stories and signposts for a life well lived and I can help you create, design, develop and manage influential content in pictures and writing.


Can I help you find the right path and stay on it?

I love it when you have big dreams and great ideas and I like helping you to make them true; I can do it for you or I can help you do it yourself. Just let me know what you want to do and achieve and with what you need help with to reach that dream more effectively.

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“All things are so very uncertain, and that’s exactly what makes me feel reassured.”

– Tove Jansson

Can I Help You?

What are you dreaming of? What would you like to make better?

I am interested in listening about big dreams, important causes and change about to happen. I would be happy to help you to make them reality, influence their future and accelerate the positive change.

Send me a message and we will see how exactly I can help you.

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