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Tiina Kivelä Creative was officially born in 2018. To create a caring one woman creative agency helping others with my experience, knowledge and skills.

“Make it simple but significant.”

Simply, I aim to create better ideas, solutions, services and products. For marketing, travel, outdoors, life in general. And to nurture the idea of new luxury. Sustainable, responsible, of high quality.


I help you to get more happy customers. Attract them, serve them and leave them happy with their experiences and purchases. Supported well with my Master’s degree in Social Sciences specialising in Tourism Research and Marketing and many years of professional roles internationally in various organisations and fields.

With my skills and knowledge, I am especially happy to help with:

Marketing and Sales for Travel & Outdoors; because I love everything about them really. From business to content to experiences, from hospitality to retail to strategies and finally wellness and wellbeing.

I have an university degree in Tourism Research and Marketing, and many years of professional experience and additional certificates, with which I deliver working solutions.

New luxury, sustainable responsible actions; because I love to create and enjoy the best possible solutions. And I take care.

With What I Work Well

CRM & Sales

With my over 10 years of experience, I know how to keep customers happy, help clients and manage relationships. On a side, I know a thing or two what helps things to get sold.

Digital Marketing

With my education and passion to anything digital and marketing, I know many tricks how to do digital marketing with great results.

Digital Content & SEO

I make sure you have your opening hours clearly stated in where people are looking for them. I also like to create good stories, play with words and images, and find out the best keywords.

Websites & eCommerce

If it’s a WordPress or online shop, I can very easily help you with that. Analytics, design, domains, set-ups, processes, poduct descriptions and basically whatever websites.

Travel & Outdoors

I think there’s nothing better than adventures, mountains sports and traveling. Though all of them can be done better, as well as the business related to them. You want to help me do them better?

Which Tools I Use Well

  • Adobe Creative

  • CSS HTML WordPress

  • Google Analytics, SQL

  • MS Office etc

  • Social Media Tools

How Can I Help You?

– book me to help you –

Let’s create some great things.

See my previous works for some idea, get a ready-made deal or ask for custom help directly.

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