Santa Claus Office® wanted to create an influential and engaging new website and e-commerce platform for the product and service offering. For the challenge, Lapland Safaris Group Ltd in charge of Santa Claus Office®, set up a project group comprised of contracted project manager, internal project coordinator (me) and external digital solution provider (Sofokus Ltd). 

The overall goal of the projct was to create well performing, conversion accelerating website and e-commerce solutions, which informed and performed accordingly and turned both digital and on-site visitors into leads and eventually paying customers and subscribers for the newly launched Santa’s Elf Club, a digital experience for the whole family. 

My Contribution

As the Project Coordinator for Lapland Safaris Group Ltd, I was responsible for the content creation and development for the Finnish and English language versions of Santa Claus Office® website (Wordpress) and e-commerce (WooCommerce) platform. 

  • I performed content audit, performance and SEO development actions, and created original content for the website and e-commrce product and service descriptions as well as the support pages and instructions.
  • I edited already existing content for improved efficiency, engagement and conversions.
  • I oversaw the technical information in the FAQ and Instruction manuals for the Santa Claus Office products and services, and the Santa’s Elf Club digital product.

To strengthen the website and e-commerce performance, I also helped to set up a new data analytics dashboard and inform marketing team of the technical and practical aspects of the project, for them to prepare more effective campaigns and communications. 

Additionally, I coordinated communications between the digital solution partner (Sofokus Ltd) and Lapland Safaris Group project team and ensured the project team met the timelines and goals.