TrekkSoft Ag wanted to strengthen customer relationships and develop customer onboarding and support processes and content to eventually create more upsell opportunities and engage customers to the product and our services.

As a Customer Success Manager for TrekkSoft AG, my main goal was to turn customer relationships to success stories and mutual partnerships. 

My Contribution

In practice, I created, developed, edited and analysed content and performed, consulting activities for customer training, onboarding and engagement.

I was also in charge of:

  • Identifying upsell opportunities and converting customers to happy product users and ambassadors, whose businesses thrived with the help of our product and services.
  • Creating support communication templates and developing the template content.
  • Writing articles, step by step guides and onboarding support material about the product and its various features.
  • Keeping the team, customers and other interested audiences up to date about the product updates and new features, process updates and action results with timely communication activities and reports.
  • Creating innovative, influential support and training content in the form of tutorial and how to -videos.

I also supported marketing and sales teams by ensuring all their content included accurate and clear up to date technical information about the products and services, and that all the content met the legal requirements and liability standards.